Tartare sauce

R ecipe from Jamie Oliver’s 3o minute meals, tested on 21/6/2014


2-3 large pickled cucumbers – pickled without sugar
3 tsp baby capers in vinegar
1 handful parsley leaves with stalks
Pinch of salt
Juice of half to one lemon
zest of 1 lemon
Quality mayonnaise


Put all ingredients except for the mayonnaise into a small blender, and blitz on pulse until it forms a very coarse paste. It’s important not to overblend it otherwise the finished product won’t have the right texture. Once blitzed, check for taste – it should be pleasingly tangy. In a separate bowl mix the coarse paste with a roughly equal amount of mayonnaise, and stir together with a spoon. Check seasoning, and you’re done!

Good with fish, seafood, chicken… most things, really!

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