How Do You Say Beautiful In Spanish?

T he day we left the Black Sheep Inn we shared a minivan with four other travellers (Maria, Brian, Niall and Daphne) who had also been staying there. This time, as I was not half scared out of my wits like the on the hellish bus ride in, so I took a number of videos out the window of the scenery.

Here is one of them….


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2012 is the year that my fiance, Damien and I took leave of work to see this wonderful world we live in. Our adventures took us to Scandinavia in the winter to view the ethereal Northern Lights, the heat and humidity of Asia for three months, Europe via caravan and now South America. We have seen so many wonderful sights and met so many great people that I know that year of travel will continue to inspire and inform how we live our lives for all the years to come.

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