Baked fish with tomato and crumb crust, smashed veges and tartare sauce

A dapted from a recipe on Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals, tested 21/6/2014.


600-700g firm white fish, eg. ling, barramundi or kingfish
500g potatoes1 head of broccoli
2 tsp fennel seeds
olive oil

For the tomato paste:

2-3 tbsp tomato paste
6-10 cherry tomatoes
half to one red chilli
40g parmesan cheese
zest of 1 lemon
juice of 1 lemon
salt, pepper to taste
handful of fresh aromatic herbs, eg. basil, coriander, chives

For the crumb:

150g bread, preferably a dense bread and slightly stale
half a small tin of anchovies
half the oil from a small tin of anchovies
pinch of salt

Tartare sauce (see separate recipe)


Preheat an oven to 180 degrees. Sprinkle some olive oil and fennel seeds on the bottom of a large-ish ceramic baking dish. Prepare your fish depending on the fillet size: you can do one whole piece and portion it after cooking, or pre-portion and apply tomato mix and crumb to each piece. There is no correct way, but it may affect the cooking time if kept in one large piece. Place the fish in the oil/seed mix and gently press, then turn the fish and repeat. Leave in the baking dish skin side down (if skin is still attached.

To make the tomato paste, blend all ingredients in a small blender. It should form a dense paste that is easy to smear on the fish, and the flavour should be very punchy. Smear on the top of the fish in a thick layer, and ensure it covers the top of the fish as much as possible.

To make the crumb, put the bread into the same blender used for tomato paste (no need to clean first). Add the anchovies, anchovy oil and salt, and blitz until a fine crumb is formed. Spoon this generously on top of the tomato layer until all fish pieces are covered with a top coat of flavoured crumbs. Put the fish in the oven on the middle or lower shelf and cook for 12-20 mins until cooked (use a thermometer if you want to ensure perfect cooking).

While the fish is cooking, dice the potatoes to a coarse 2cm size and put into a pot of salted boiling water. Repeat with the broccoli, include the diced stalk. Boil for 10 mins or until cooked through, then drain and let steam off for a couple of minutes. Add salt and approx 40g butter, and then gently crush with a masher 10-12 times. The result should be a rough smash, not a mash. Check for seasoning, as you will probably need to add more salt. Put aside in a warm place until ready to serve.

Serve the baked fish with the potato and broccoli smash and tartare sauce on the side.



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