training wheels

O kay, so I’ve got a few things to re-learn about this blogging jag. Like posting with some kind of, y’know, regularity…

It’s been a good couple of weeks with lots of socialising. Some highlights:

– Getting a surprise lunchtime visit from ex-flatmate Mai and her partner Tim last Saturday. Catching up over fine tapas at a balcony restaurant overlooking Cronulla beach, enjoying the afternoon sun on that glorious day.

– Revisiting that same restaurant on Tuesday night with Joel – much quieter mid-week, but the food is just as good. Too many drinks afterwards with Joel and the guy she’s currently seeing followed, but it was still a good night!

– Dinner with James in Surry Hills on Thursday, at stalwart Thai restaurant Prasit’s on Crown St. When this place opened all those years ago it was a relative pioneer, offering a more refined level of food than was usually found in thai joints of the time. These days it’s more middle-of-the-road both in style and price, but the quality of the food remains excellent. As always we had great conversation and swapping of travel plans over a nice Italian pinot grigio (not so much for me, though as I was driving. Pity about the outrageous parking ticket I got afterwards).

– Flying to Melbourne yesterday for very close friend Katie’s 30th birthday party. And what a party! I’ve never before been to a private event which featured live music from half a dozen different acts, an acrobatic performance, and at midnight a very special burlesque solo dance for Katie performed by Kate (the woman who brought me and Katie together some years ago). Everyone had a great time, I chatted to several different people about a huge range of subjects and almost noone got drunk. Wow, it is possible…

– Visiting Wayne (my late stepfather’s brother) and his family in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne before the party, including his daughter Cherie whom I haven’t seen for years.

I’m currently at the airport waiting for the flight home, and am almost ready to face the new week ahead…

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Born in New Zealand, now living in Australia. When I'm not travelling, that is... Though I have travelled quite a bit before, 2012 is the first time that I've taken a year off to roam the world. Spending this time with Kristen exploring some of this planet's finest sights has been the best decision I've ever made. Who knows what 2013 will bring?

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