The Emerald Cave, Koh Mook

A lthough we are now in Cambodia I have been wanting to put together the videos of Morakot Cave (The Emerald Cave) I took when we were in Thailand. I have finally got around to it! So even though we visited this place a while ago, I feel it would have been disappointing not to save a visual and aural record of this little slice of Eden.

Both Damien and I agree that visiting the Emerald Cave was probably the most memorable and magical experience of our time in Thailand. Swimming through the darkness to be greeted with the view of this grotto with nothing but the sounds of the creatures that dwell there was so special.

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2012 is the year that my fiance, Damien and I took leave of work to see this wonderful world we live in. Our adventures took us to Scandinavia in the winter to view the ethereal Northern Lights, the heat and humidity of Asia for three months, Europe via caravan and now South America. We have seen so many wonderful sights and met so many great people that I know that year of travel will continue to inspire and inform how we live our lives for all the years to come.

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