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Koh Ru

This post is a couple of weeks late, but I definitely want it recorded for future reference. We were only there for two short days but our stay at Koh Ru was one of the highlights of my entire trip – not just Cambodia. And it came about by accident. Our original choice of Lazy […]

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Pear-shaped travel

A very experienced traveller I met near Kong Lo cave said that it’s always the difficult journeys that are most memorable. He was suggesting that if I took a less-travelled route through eastern Laos it might be tougher but I wouldn’t regret it, though in the end I opted for the easier western option. But […]

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The northeast corner of Cambodia used to be very remote and difficult to reach, with the appalling state of the only road to the province restricting regular transport links. But in just a few short years the road has improvedly significantly and with it has come an avalanche of new bus services. It’s now possible […]

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Welcome to Cambodia

I was sitting still in Si Phan Don for so long partly because it was so lovely, and partly because I didn’t have any urge to move on for a while. In fact the thought of travelling further was very off-putting for a few days there, but I knew that the urge would return if […]

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