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Action Cambodia

One of the common complaints about Cambodia that I heard while in Laos was that while it’s a great country with friendly people, “there isn’t much to do there”. Well those people weren’t trying very hard: there is loads to see and do and the last couple of weeks have been pretty busy. To make […]

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Happy Birthday to me!

Thanks for the all the birthday wishes guys, there were lots of them this year which is great 😀 Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I’ve been taking it rather easy. After a couple of lazy days in the riverside town of Kratie then a night in Kompong Cham, I’ve been in Phnom Penh […]

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The northeast corner of Cambodia used to be very remote and difficult to reach, with the appalling state of the only road to the province restricting regular transport links. But in just a few short years the road has improvedly significantly and with it has come an avalanche of new bus services. It’s now possible […]

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Welcome to Cambodia

I was sitting still in Si Phan Don for so long partly because it was so lovely, and partly because I didn’t have any urge to move on for a while. In fact the thought of travelling further was very off-putting for a few days there, but I knew that the urge would return if […]

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Best of Laos

Now that I’m at the very bottom of Laos about to head south into Cambodia, I’m encountering numerous travellers heading the other way who want to know what I think are the ‘must-see’ parts of this country. And to be honest, when I think about it there aren’t that many. But this place has a […]

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Stunned in Si Phan Don

I received one of those life-changing phone calls the other day. One of the ones that you just know, instantly, will become a crucial pivot point when looking back along your life’s arc. After more than twelve years working in the same job, the only one I’ve ever had since leaving university, I suddenly don’t […]

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