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My version of ‘that day’

I have thought many times about recording my feelings about the day of my accident but there never seemed a right time, not least because my physical injuries prevented me from doing so. I knew that the time was definitely not right when I was still experiencing keenly the physical effects of it. Today has […]

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Back on track

It may sound harsh to describe three weeks in Phuket as an ordeal, but that’s what it felt like to us at times recently. It’s not that it’s a bad place to visit – there are many things to see and do here to make for an exciting holiday – it’s the fact that we […]

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Kristen’s video diary 5 May 2012

Thanks for all your messages xoxoxox And not just for my birthday. I love hearing from everyone whether via fb, email, phone or blog! Hearing from you even if it’s a few words every now and then warms the cockles of my heart 😀

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Kristen’s video post 3 May 2012

Things are looking up!

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Kristen’s video diary 29 April 2012

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Kristen’s video diary 24 April 2012

Now in Phuket.

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