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New York

  New York has many names: The Big Apple, The Empire City, The City That Never Sleeps, Gotham, The Melting Pot, even the humble moniker The Capital Of The World. When the opportunity to visit was offered to us via our round-the-world ticket, we jumped at it. How could we pass up a chance to […]

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The odd, the unusual and the freaky

The last seven or so months of travel have had their fair share of “I haven’t seen that before” moments. Some however, have been more odd, unusual or freaky than others. Here is a list of ten of the more memorable ones: Whilst we were wandering through one of the ancient Plain of Jars sites […]

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Empire state of mind

Well we are currently in the Big Apple and loving this city! We are a wee bit behind on our blog and plan to get up to speed soon but with so many great things to do in this city, it may be a few more days coming! Empire state of mind has been a […]

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A lot has happened since my last post. Such as: I returned to Australia and got an entirely different job I enjoyed that job for a year and a half, but have quit it to go travelling again for most of 2012 I got engaged to Kristen, and won’t be travelling alone this time 😀 […]

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sheer joy

this picked me up on a very quiet, dreary work day:

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I’m sooo glad I delayed my departure for three days. I have no idea how I would have finished everything up in time otherwise, as it’s been uber-hectic since Thursday. The working year finished on Thursday, topped off  by a great dinner with James and Andrew at Seabay restaurant on Pitt St. Amazingly good dumplings […]

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