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Ko Mak

Ko Mak is a small island off the far eastern coast of Thailand, nestled between its larger and far more popular neighbours Ko Chang and Ko Kut (known locally as Ko Kood). And it’s much better for being neglected: despite its beauty and the twenty-plus small resorts dotted around the island, it feels like there […]

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Koh Ru

This post is a couple of weeks late, but I definitely want it recorded for future reference. We were only there for two short days but our stay at Koh Ru was one of the highlights of my entire trip – not just Cambodia. And it came about by accident. Our original choice of Lazy […]

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Into the cauldron

Well I hope things don’t get as dramatic as the title suggests, but I’ve arrived in Thailand just before the political climate here is about to get very interesting again. A critical court decision will be released on Friday 26th February that could cause great upheaval: there are reports of a million-strong anti-government rally to […]

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I’ve seen countless amusing menu mis-translations on this trip, too many to mention. But this one is surely the Gold Standard: From the restaurant of the Koh Kong Apex Resort, Koh Kong, south-eastern Cambodia. Taken yesterday.

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Pear-shaped travel

A very experienced traveller I met near Kong Lo cave said that it’s always the difficult journeys that are most memorable. He was suggesting that if I took a less-travelled route through eastern Laos it might be tougher but I wouldn’t regret it, though in the end I opted for the easier western option. But […]

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Photo update

I’ve uploaded 100 photos from my time in Cambodia so far, from the first days in Ban Lung in the remote northeast to our blissful time on Koh Ru off the south coast. Above are just some of my favourites, you can view all pictures via the Photo Gallery tab above or by clicking here

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