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Riding buses in Lao

One of the primary means of transport for us during our months in Asia has been by bus. We have spent roughly two working weeks on buses. If we were to add up all the other myriad of ways we have got from place to place, I am sure we could clock up a couple […]

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Winemaking in Phonsavan

As the road zigzags from Luang Prabang through the central north of Laos towards the east, you begin to think that steep valleys covered in dense forest with occasional hilltop villages are all you are ever going to see. The views can be spectacular, to be sure, but seeing the same vista of serrated peaks […]

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The Emerald Cave, Koh Mook

Although we are now in Cambodia I have been wanting to put together the videos of Morakot Cave (The Emerald Cave) I took when we were in Thailand. I have finally got around to it! So even though we visited this place a while ago, I feel it would have been disappointing not to save […]

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Classic Trio of Laos

There are three places in Laos that feature in almost every itinerary for those who visit this landlocked country: the modern capital Vientiane, the idyllic riverside town of Vang Vieng, and the ancient capital Luang Prabang. In large part this is simply due to geography: there is only one major north-south road, and anyone coming […]

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The Bowling Alley

“USA . USA!” he was chanting in my ear, again, as I bowled yet another gutter ball. So I punched him playfully (or was it) in the guts for his hubris. I am mediocre at this game at the best of times, but couple that with being three sheets to the wind and nursing a […]

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Island hopping through the Andaman Coast, Thailand

We had quite different plans for our time in Thailand than what eventuated. We had planned on working our way up the Andaman Coast, staying at Hat Yao, Koh Kradan, Koh Lanta and then Ao Nang for the water festival and lastly finishing our Andaman amore at the rock climbing mecca of Railay. From there […]

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